We Stand On Guard For The Bee, Eh!


We, The Can News stand by The Babylon Bee along with all those who speak out in the face of intimidation and censorship. * This is the only serious and significant news post ever published by THE CAN NEWS Shutting down news websites or social media pages like The Babylon Bee and the New York

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Was Used To Pay Off Outstanding Debt At Crack House


The Can News – Delaware, U.S.A. Hunter Biden’s laptop computer was left by him at a Crack House as payment for his outstanding drug debt one week before it was dropped off by someone else at a Delaware’s repair shop in April 2019. (Scroll down to read more…) According to our sources, the mysterious man

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Documentary shows why U.S. President refused aid from Australian PM during COVID-19 crisis


A new Netflix™ short documentary shows why the United States’ president refused aid from Australian prime minister during COVID-19 crisis. © Documentary created by Kacey Baker/Bay Rock Films and produced by Netflix™ Watch the documentary below and find out why the American president couldn’t accept help from the Aussie prime minister. WATCH BELOW THE SHORT

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