Documentary shows why U.S. President refused aid from Australian PM during COVID-19 crisis


A new Netflix™ short documentary shows why the United States’ president refused aid from Australian prime minister during COVID-19 crisis. © Documentary created by Kacey Baker/Bay Rock Films and produced by Netflix™ Watch the documentary below and find out why the American president couldn’t accept help from the Aussie prime minister. WATCH BELOW THE SHORT

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Trump calls Trudeau “black-faced”, “scumbag”, “son of Castro”…


The Can News | London, UK President Donald Trump blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “black-faced”, “scumbag”, “son of Castro” on Wednesday after Trudeau was caught on an open mic with other world leaders discussing the NATO meeting in London and referencing Trump’s “orange colour”. The video, which quickly went viral online, showed Trudeau, British Prime

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