Brutal Beating Of Woman’s Beaver in Small Town Saskatchewan

The brutal beating death of a woman’s beaver outside a bar in Wolseley town is sparking outrage, as the Can News reports:

Two drunk women in the small town of Wolseley, SK Canada met outside a bar and decided to go for a fight. Several local people were around them and were watching their fight.

The women’s fight on the street was just like a bloody Roman gladiator fight said Ceaser MacAroni.

“They were pushing their beavers against each other… Just like a fight between bush against bush.” added Mr. MacAroni.

USASK – University of Saskatchewan’s veterinary scientists have examined the dead bushy beaver and told us that the woman wearing the Calgary Stampede jersey during the fight was the one who had her beaver dead during the fight. They also added that they can’t say exactly when her beaver died, it could be because of the street fight, or because of her beaver’s rotten condition and/or health negligence as well. “Her beaver stinks a lot!” said one of the USASK Vet scientists.

RCMP and other authorities will be investigating this case.

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