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Adam Sandler’s rectile dysfunction drug could be used to treat coronavirus patients

The pharmaceutical company AdPfizer which exposed American actor Adam Sandler’s rectile dysfunction problem on a TV commercial aired in the United States last year, has its scientists developing a new drug with the main components of RECTIX™ to treat Coronavirus patients. 

The clinical trials with over 6,000 ill patients have shown that the new drug CORANUS™ (large pill rectal administrated) has cured 91% of the patients where 50% were male and 41% were female patients. Only 23% of these 50% male patients have became addicted to this “suppository style” drug and have divorced their wives a few days after leaving the hospital.

For further information, WATCH THE RECTIX™ TV COMMERCIAL below.


New Energetic Drink on the Market

Despite being a relatively new category in the beverage sector, energy drinks have proven to be one of the sector’s bright lights and an area of immense potential. With less than 20 years in the marketplace the category already accounts for 4% of the total Canadian soft drink market. Energy drinks are projected to lead the beverage sector in growth in per capita purchases, volume consumption and total value through 2011. The category’s traditional consumer base of young males is being expanded through aggressive marketing also targeting older males with innovative products such as Pimp Hortons – Energetic Coffee – recently launched by a large Canadian franchise chain.