American Large-Breasted Women Will Pay More Taxes

American large-breasted women will pay higher taxes when purchasing dairy products. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order targeting all women with big boobs in the United States. Trump said that they need to pay more taxes on dairy products because they already have great milk resources, and buying more is not only wasting

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New Energetic Drink on the Market


Despite being a relatively new category in the beverage sector, energy drinks have proven to be one of the sector’s bright lights and an area of immense potential. With less than 20 years in the marketplace the category already accounts for 4% of the total Canadian soft drink market. Energy drinks are projected to lead

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Canada will export Beavers to Asia


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s Office: In a continent always prepared for earthquakes, the last 8.9-magnitude temblor caught battle-hardened Japanese off guard. Now China, Japan and many other Asian countries part of the “Pacific Rim” are looking for new alternatives to avoid more damage caused by earthquakes and tsunamis in the future.  The

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Mad Cow crisis in Alberta

Alberta Alcoholics Anonymous

Alberta, the largest beef producer in our country is facing another mad cow crisis.  For the first time in history, the mad cow disease wasn’t caused by a virus, but instead it was triggered by the sadness of thousands of cows in Alberta who have developed psychological problems due to the increase of interest rates on the

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What do Canadians want in the Federal Budget?

The Conservatives’ 2011 budget died last week when the government fell following a non-confidence vote last Friday, clearing the way for a May election. The Conservatives said their proposed budget would live on in their election platform. Is the Conservative budget good enough for Canadians? What about the other parties? Are they ready to propose

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Scientists discovered new contraceptive method

Son Bloc Quebecois Lotion

Scientists of the Western Ontario University – Animal Reproduction Division – announced last Tuesday that they have discovered a revolutionary contraceptive method to avoid French propagation in Canadian territory.  The new contraceptive invention is a cream lotion which is easy to use, has no side-effects and will be available at all Canadian convenience stores next year. The revolutionary

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