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CFL will join NFL

TORONTO – The Command Centre of CFL wants its league to join the NFL – North American Football League next season.  “It’s one of the toughest calls for Canadian fans, but it will bring more emotion to the game…” said the CFL president who believes that the Canadian Football League is becoming boring because only Canadian teams have the chance to win the Grey Cup. He also said that a joint CFL-NFL league, will bring more money to Canada and make the competition even tougher, just like the NHL where a Canadian hockey team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup for 19 years. “That’s exactly what we want, make Canadians eager for winning and when the victory comes it will be glory for the entire nation!” added the president. The CFL and NFL leagues are still discussing a few other details prior to close this deal, including the new name which will replace Grey Cup and Super Bowl. “It seems that Super Blue Balls will be the new name, because it can express all the emotion and pain a Canadian football fan will go through…” said the NFL president who also commented that one of the main conditions they have accepted this joint agreement was that Regina, SK will never host a football game again.

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