Trump calls Trudeau “black-faced”, “scumbag”, “son of Castro”…

The Can News | London, UK

President Donald Trump blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “black-faced”, “scumbag”, “son of Castro” on Wednesday after Trudeau was caught on an open mic with other world leaders discussing the NATO meeting in London and referencing Trump’s “orange colour”.

The video, which quickly went viral online, showed Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Moron and others speaking at a Buckingham Palace reception.

The video begins with Johnson looking toward French President Moron and asking, “Why did he miss the Afternoon Tea with the Queen?”

Trudeau jumped in, “He doesn’t do high teas, he is an orange Crush kinda guy… Just like you Boris”. And they all laughed.

After a cut in the footage, Trudeau adds, “He is more orange than you are, Boris. He must eat a lot of Cheetos too…”

He doesn’t do high teas, he is an orange Crush kinda guy… said Trudeau

Orange is the new Black…

“I might be orange, but he sure has a black face” said Trump about Trudeau.

“Well, he’s black-faced, “scumbag” and “son of Castro…” Trump said of Trudeau alongside German Chancellor Angela MarxWell on Wednesday. “And honestly with Trudeau he’s a nice guy, but the truth is he is son of Fidel Castro and I guess he’s not happy about it. I wouldn’t…”

“I am an orange-faced guy and he is a black-faced dude, but that’s the way it is,” Trump said. 

Is the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro the real father of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Watch the video and decide yourself, but we think Trudeau should go on Maury’s TV Show and get DNA tested. Just in case…

Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro? Watch the video and decide yourself.

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BREAKING: Poop Thrower Behind PM’s Blackface Scandal

by The Can News | Toronto, ON | November 27th 2019

Shitzuel Opoku, 28, was arrested near Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue on Tuesday evening, after allegedly throwing multiple buckets of liquefied fecal matter on people over the past few days.

Police say the man threw feces on people inside libraries at both the University of Toronto and York University over the last week.

Police earlier this week released photos of serial shit-thrower Shitzuel Opoku who was arrested on Tuesday evening. – Toronto Police Service

PM Trudeau was his first victim

Shitzuel Opoku also confessed to the Toronto police that his first attack happened several years ago. When he was a kid he threw a bucket full of black shit on young Justin Trudeau’s face. Shitzuel’s mother used to work as a maid for the Trudeau family when the attack took place. Mr. Opoku said the young Justin used to mistreat his mother using racial slurs towards her.

“I threw a lot of my own black shit on his face, so he could feel what’s like to have a black face…” added Mr. Opoku. The incident was not reported to the police at the time because of the fear of political repercussions against the Trudeaus.

Toronto Police released today the “crime blueprint” drawn by Mr. Opoku before attacking Trudeau several years ago.

During an exclusive interview to The Can News today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Shitzuel Opoku’s story and apologized for not telling the truth when the blackface scandal emerged last September.

Trudeau apologizing to Shitzuel for the racial slurs used towards his mother in the past.

“You know, I thought it would be better for my image during the campaign, if I was called ‘blackface racist’ instead of ‘shitface’. Today I regret it, and I appologize for that…” said Mr. Trudeau.

Shitzuel Opoku leaving Toronto Courthouse today after being sentenced to carry out unpaid work at the Toronto Zoo, cleaning up as much as 1,300 pounds of elephant dung a day.
Shitzuel Opoku leaving Toronto Courthouse today after being sentenced to carry out unpaid work at the Toronto Zoo, cleaning up as much as 1,300 pounds of elephant dung a day.