Trudeau wants Hamas to build the underground pipelines in Canada

OTTAWA: The Canadian government is currently in negotiations with Hamas – Palestinian group of terrorists fighting to eliminate Israel – to finally start building our country’s pipelines. These pipelines are something that most Canadians have been waiting for several years. “Well, now this is not a dream anymore, because Hamas has a lot of experience building tunnels underground and they can help Canada building its pipelines”, said Trudeau.

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau also added that this is a very good deal for Canadians considering Canada is not paying a dime to Hamas. “We don’t have to pay them anything, all they want is to dig holes like beavers and gophers, and having a refugee status in our country and Canadian passports for each one of their fighters, their wives, their relatives, and their friends (max of 10 friends per family)” said the Canadian Minister of Infrastructure.

“These pipelines built by Hamas will only be used to transport exclusively organic products like tomatoes and marijuana…”

– Justin Trudeau

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau told the activist and leftwing media that these pipelines will never be used for oil or gas, or any fossil fuels because Canada is going 100% green! “These pipelines built by Hamas will only be used to transport exclusively organic products like tomatoes and marijuana.” said the PM.

The radical leftwing, terrorist and separatist East-Indian, who has been banned to ever enter India again, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the communist NDP party in Canada, agrees with Trudeau and his Liberal corrupt government. “The NDP and the Liberals have an agreement, and we will keep our word!”

“We the NDP agree with Hamas building our tunnels, I mean our pipelines… We will be supporting the Liberal party as far as they understand these tunnels are only for organic products, like tomatoes, marijuana, hummus, cocaine, ham and chicken. No pork will be sent down this tunnels.”

– Jagmeet Singh,

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