What people are saying about The Can?

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  • “CAN you touch this?” (McHammer)
  • “CAN you fix it?” (Bob The Builder)
  • “Yes, we CAN.” (Barak Obama)
  • “The Can is hot!” (Paris Hilton)
  • “Let’s bomb The Can. It has links to Al Qaeda and Al Capone.” (George W.C. Bush)
  • “Stephan Dion is not a leader.” (Stephen Harper)
  • “I’ll sue this fucking shit!” (Al Pacino)
  • “The ican gadget will be launched very soon!” (Steve Jobs)
  • “Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh. I am on a drug. It’s called The Can.”(Charlie Harper)
  • “You are fired, Charlie!” (Donald Trump)
  • “The Can is not as dirty as I thought. Thanks for washing…”  (Peter Mansbridge)
  • Going to a gay parade with the Irish PM is something that I want and I CAN! (Justin Trudeau)