Having fun in Antarctica

Going to Antarctica?

Before taking a trip to Antarctica, you should know some important facts. There’s nothing to do there and it’s fucking cold. Places like that can be easily found here in Canada and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to visit, such as the province of Saskatchewan (nothing to do there and it’s fucking cold too). Another cheaper option a little bit more adventurous than Saskatchewan would be the Arctic.  Here are some of the basic differences between Antarctica and the Arctic:  First of all, they are both below -50 degrees Celsius but Antarctica is colder and windier than the Arctic. The Arctic has trees and indigenous people but Antarctic does not. The Arctic has penguins and polar bears and Antarctic does not. The Arctic has Eskimos and igloos and Antarctica does not. There are towns in the Arctic but not in Antarctica – just research bases. So if you are not a researcher or a scientist, what the hell do you want to go to Antarctica for?



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