Australian Aboriginal Extreme Makeover

Australian Aborigines Makeover Edition

Despite the good looks of Aussie celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Crocodile Dundee, the Australian government is really concerned about the image of their aborigines which maybe is turning tourists away. If you don’t know, Australian Aborigines (aka Aboriginal Australians) are those people regarded as indigenous to the Australian continent. The government of Australia have hired 125 American plastic surgeons from the AMERICAN EXTREME MAKEOVER TEAM led by Dr. John Scarface to change the faces of all aboriginals and make that country more accessible to tourists. Government officials said this morning that they are not craving perfection, but only want to let them have normal lives. “We are sure that after the makeover procedures, their appearances will not only affect their self-esteem but also their success and social life. I feel so happy for each person that gets the chance to hand their looks over to the extreme team for a makeover. Some of them were born with defects, in accidents, or are just very unfortunate looking by nature. And it has been proved that good looking people attracts more tourists. Not everyone is blessed with average features and not everyone can afford plastic surgery or dental correction” said Dr. Scarface. Check out the pictures and see how the Aussie government is improving their country’s image. Could you believe your eyes that they are the very same person, just that the right one gone through an extreme makeover process? Amazing!!


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