The Harper Brothers
The Harper Brothers

Elections Canada 2011 – Charlie Harper will support his brother Stiff Harper

ELECTIONS CANADA 2011 – Charlie Harper will be supporting and working for Prime Minister Stiff Harper’s 2011 campaign. Charlie will be in charge of all campaign jingles and also will be organizing after hours parties for the Conservative crew. According to Charlie, a 24/7 hookers and babysitting program will be available for the Conservative party members, so everyone can have fun and get rid of the campaign stress. During an interview to The Can, PM Stiff Harper told us that he is very happy and confident with his brother’s support because he is a bi-winning guy, so Conservatives can win here (in Canada) and there (in Quebec).  “Charlie is the right person for this task and will help me beat Canada’s Two and a Half Men (Michael Ignastythief, Jack Faketon and Gilles Ducepption)” added the Prime Minister.

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