No-Fly Zone my ass, says Myyouare GayTough

Myyouare GayTough
Myyouare GayTough

Libyan leader Myyouare GayTough is promising “a long war” against the international military forces that have targeted his troops with airstrikes and dozens of cruise missiles. In a phone call to The Can, Mr. GayTough says he will not let up on the rebellion in the country’s east. He said he has opened up his secret frog-weapons depots to Libyans, and said everyone there is armed and dangerous now.”  Using an offensive war strategy, Myyouare GayTough is combating the no-fly zone imposed by the allies with his own no-fly zone.  Click on the link below to watch the video with GayTough’s secret frog-weapons neutralizing the international airstrikes.

NO-FLY ZONE VIDEO – click here

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